Zinc ricinoleate CAM-D odour absorbers

New in the portfolio: CAM-D odour absorbers

In 2022, Linden Chemie established a strategic partnership with CAM-D Technologies GmbH to expand our portfolio.

CAM-D is involved in numerous patents and holds its own property rights to new formulations of activated odour absorber zinc ricinoleate.

Zinc ricinoleate as an effective odour absorber

Zinc ricinoleate is a chemical compound used in the chemical industry for its excellent deodorising qualities. Due to its ability to absorb and neutralise unpleasant odours, zinc ricinoleate is widely used in various products such as deodorants, air fresheners, cleaning agents and textiles. The compound works by binding odour molecules and preventing their release. By integrating zinc ricinoleate into products, manufacturers can offer highly effective odour control solutions that meet consumers' need for freshness and cleanliness.

Through patented activation, CAM-D has succeeded in developing a high performance odour absorbing raw material that is used in industry and in many consumer products.

Sustainable production of zinc ricinoleate

Zinc ricinoleate is produced by the reaction of ricinoleic acid, which is obtained from ricinus oil, with zinc oxide. The ricinus plant (Ricinus communis) is the main source of ricinus oil and is considered a fast-growing plant that is cultivated in various regions of the world. Ricinus oil is extracted from the seeds of the ricinus plant and can be used for various industrial applications, including the production of zinc ricinoleate for the chemical industry.

Applications of zinc ricinoleate

The products are used in the household, industrial and institutional sectors. Examples are

- cleaning agents

- cosmetics

- fabric softeners

- rubbish bins

- litter trays

- Cleaning agents in the kitchen, e.g. as a spray or surface cleaner

- Deodorising room air, e.g. in toilets or refrigerators

- Textiles, e.g. as a spray for clothing

- and much more.

As Linden Chemie, in addition to the production of CAMD-D - high performance zinc ricinoleate in liquid form, we also produce an ultra-fine and water-soluble powder using a spray-drying process.

Further information can be found in the product description here.

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